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Student Services


Registration and withdrawal of studetns - new students entering the district are registered in the District Registration Office and students withdrawing from the district are monitored through this office.

PA Chapter 12

Implementation of PA Chapter 12 - PA legal requirements and regulations for Student Services in each school district.


There is a nurse assigned to each school building. School nurses provide health services to students and staff as regulated by the state law and district policy.

Child Study

Child Study Teams-Evaluate and support students academic, behavioral, and emotional progress.


Student Attendance and Truancies - Implement new PA attendance and truancy law. Pa requires that student attendance including unexcused absences be monitored by each school district. The steps and requirements of notifying parents of students’ absences is part of the new law. There are specific requirements that include holding a Student Attendance Improvement Conference (SAIC) inviting parents and the truant student to work together to develop a Student Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP). Requirements needed to refer a chronic truant to Children and Youth Services and to the courts are established in the law.


Three counselors are assigned to the High School. There is counselor at Memoral and once counselor for Hanover Green and Lee Park. The counselors provide services for students with academic, emotional, and behavioral needs. Counselors are an integral part of monitoring students’ success as well as identified needs. They provide career development and academic planning, as well as assisting students with developing the ability to work through their problems as they growth and develop.

Student Assistance

Student Assistance Program - PA required program to support students with alcohol, drug, emotional, and family difficulties that often require the involvement of outside agencies.

Section 504

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, including updating of Section 504 in the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments of 2008 (ADA) - Students with a disability that affects a major life function may require a 504 Service Plan in the school to protect their legal rights.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act-Regulations relating to the confidentiality of student records.


PA Information Management System-State Mandated Data System with required state reports


Student Information System (SIS) - School information about a student is in the CSIU system.

Foster STudents

State regulations establish the rights of foster children to attend school.


Charter Schools

District Charter School-Seneca Valley School System-The Hanover Area School District provides a Cyber school program for students who reside in the district. This program is computer-based for those students who need or may want to work in this format.

Charter School Students

Students who reside in the district may apply to Charter Schools. Bear Creek Charter School is a physical school where accepted students may attend. Parents may enroll their child in any state cyber school.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996- Establishes requirements for the confidentiality of Student Health Records.


English Language Development (ELD, formerly English Language as a Second Language-ESL)- Students who need assistance in learning English because their first language was not English is required by federal and state law.

Career Development

Implementing Chapter 339 working with district counselors


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support-work with district counselors, principals, and teachers to implement program


Work with out-of-district agencies to provide services to students having problems with alcohol, drugs, or suicide ideation.


Work with school staff and administrators to provide assistance to students with academic, behavioral, or emotional difficulties.

Homeless Students

State regulations establishes the rights of homeless children to attend school.

Homebound STudents

State and district requirements permits students with a medical or emotional problem that restricts the ability of the student to physically attend school. To receive instruction at home, a signed doctor’s note needs to indicate that the student s unable to attend school for a medical reason. The student must be home for fifteen or more days of school to qualify for homebound services. If the student is going to be out of school for less than fifteen days, the parents should request that the school provide assignments and books so the student may keep up with his or her schoolwork.

Home Education

Students who are educated in the home under the guidance of their parent or guardian. There are separate state regulations and requirements that parents need to follow, but the student(s) are not considered part of the district school system.

Home Instruction

Instruction In the Home is for special education students who are unable to attend school due to medical or other disability who are educated by special education teacher(s) in the student’s home. The student’s IEP determines the student’s needs for instruction in the home.