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How to order this year's Yearbook:

1. Go to
2. Type in code 4583 and Click Enter then Continue
3. Click Buy a Yearbook, Yearbook Packages
4. Select your options and follow the step to complete your order.

Use this link,, to share photos you would like to see in the yearbook.
This includes activiteies, sports, or other interesting pictures that are appropriate.


If your organization would like to use the Hanover Area School District's facilities, please print out and return the Facility Usage Form:


PA Truancy Law and Tardiness

Open PA Truancy and Tardiness Document

Safety First

In attempts to maximize the security of our student-athletes, their families & members of our community, the HASD will no longer be permitting spectator backpacks or oversized purses/bags into our sporting events. This is effective immediately & we thank you for helping keep our students safe.